KidsRFoodies2 visits Cheshire Coffee in Cheshire CT

Cheshire Coffee 1

Cheshire Coffee in Cheshire, CT is sooo much more than coffee. Which is a good thing because I’m only seven and I don’t drink coffee. Personally I think they should call it Cheshire Coffee & Really Cool food.

The owners, Nick and Nancy DeGrazia are really cool and they spoiled me a lot!

Cheshire Coffee Nick & Nancy DeGraziaCheshire Coffee 2Cheshire Coffee 3Cheshire Coffee 4

After a behind the counter tour, I got to work tasting stuff.

I started with a Strawberry Smoothie. Take a look

Then I tried some frozen mango bubble tea!

Next I reviewed the Cheshire coffee Balboa, a Panini grilled sandwich with roast beef and melted swiss cheese.

Cheshire Coffee Balboa

Next on my list was a huge Chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and coconut!

Last but not not least, Nancy gave me one of her homemade magic bars!  Wanna know whats in it? Watch the video. LOL

By the time I left Cheshire Coffee I was stuffed and ready for a nap. I slept nearly all the way home.

The next time you are in Cheshire or Waterbury, you should stop in and say hi. And get something good to eat or drink.

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