The Alpenhaus Restaurant

My latest review was a real foodie adventure for me. i got to try German food for the very first time at The Alpenhaus Restaurant in New Milford Connecticut.







The Alpenhaus is located at 59 Bank street in New Milford.  Inside it looks like a little German house. The owner Manuela Young say that’s on purpose. She wants people to feel they have taken a small vacation to Germany when they visit her restaurant.

Manuela Young and her authentic German dress -cool huh?

Manuela Young and her authentic German dress -cool huh?












The first thing Manuela served up was a Bretzel mit Senf mit Kasesosse. Pretzel with whole grain mustard and a cheedar/swiss and (gluten free) beer cheese sauce

Bretzel mit Senf mit Kasesosse





The next appetizer was Fritierte Sauerkrautballe which is Fried sauerkraut balls with a paprika dipping sauce

Fritierte Sauerkrautballe






My final appetizer taste was Kartoffelpuffer mit Afelmuss. In English, that’s potato pancakes with apple sauce.Kartoffelpuffer mit Afelmuss




Okay, bring on the ENTEES!

Manuela did not dissapoint! By the way all of the dishes at the Alpenhaus are Manuela’s own recipes.  she says it has been her life dream to own a restaurant and now she does. I think that’s cool because it shows that dreams do come true. My dream is to have my own foodie show on TV one day.

The first entree was Chicken Jagerschnitzel, thin slices of chicken slow pan fried- topped with a mushroom and red wine gravy served with Spatzle and red cabbage. Chicken Jagerschnitzel



Next on the menu was Huhnchen Paprikasch which is actually a Hungarian dishmade with Chicken breast in a red bell pepper, paprika, sour cream sauce served with Spatzle and cucumber salad.

Huhnchen Paprikasch





Last of all I tried the Bayrischer Sauerbraten or Bavarian Saurbraten- thin sliced eye round beef marinated in red wine and red wine vinegar (marinated 5-7 days) slow cooked to perfection and spiced to a light sweet and sour, with Spatzle and red cabbage.Bayrischer Sauerbraten




Manuela took couple of minutes to chat with me about her restaurant.

The next time you are in the New Milford area and feel like taking a tasty side trip to Germany, you should definitely check in at the Alpenhaus Restaurant, and ask for the table with the view of the snow storm.



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