Valentines Day with Whole Foods Market

Sadie Rae

Whole Foods Market of Danbury invited me to take part in their Valentines Day celebration. What an honor!

I always love going to Whole Foods because the people there are just as great as the food.

Miss Deanna always makes sure everything is in top shape and that everyone has a great time. Sean, the floral specialist did a super job with all the decorations.

Sadie Rae & Deanna

Sadie Rae & Deanna Collins, Marketing Team Leader

Sadie Rae & Sean

Sadie Rae & Sean, Floral Specialist

The entire store was all set for Valentines Day. You could tell that the entire place was ready to #SharetheLove.

There were too many great items on the menu to share all of them here so I’m giving you a few of my favorites.




The Roasted Fingerling potatoes with crispy shallots were too tempting to pass up.

It would not be Valentines Day without some surf & turf on the menu.

Surf & TurfHere is my review of the Lobster Tail.



Also on the menu was a Sole with Caper Lemon Butter Sauce





My good friend Karen from Hampton Creek was at the Just Mayo table and she had a special treat for me to try.

Sadie Rae & Karen



Get this! You can actually make chocolate frosting using JUST MAYO!

I would never have believed it until I tasted it.

There was such a delicious amount of dessert choices available it was hard to choose.


IMG_8024Chocolate Dipped Strawberries








Thank you so much Whole Foods, for another wonderful and tasty event.

If you’d like the recipe for the Just Mayo Chocolate Frosting, Hampton Creek has it here

If you would like KidsRFoodies2 to visit your Food event or restaurant, just send us an email.





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