KidsRFoodies2, The Pollinators, and a Really Big Fish Eye at Whole Foods Market

I love my friends at Whole Foods Market, they always have such cool stuff to taste, learn, and experience.

It was Pollinators Day recently and the store was full of sweet treats and Bee-utiful creatures.

The first thing I did was stop by the Self-Bee station.


Sadie Rae, BEE-utiful Foodie Fashionista

Local  beekeeper, Chef, and fellow foodie Zach Goebel was there. He told me lots of fun facts about bees and honey. He even let me try on the beekeeper suit.


In the seafood department I had a close encounter with a giant Hawaiian Opah.


Not only did Josh the Fish-Slayer let me taste a freshly grilled fillet, I even got to hold the eyeball!

It was HUGE!!!

Sadie Rae and Josh the Fish-Slayer at Whole Foods

Sadie Rae and Josh the Fish-Slayer at Whole Food

Eye Eye Captain!

Eye Eye Captain!

So what did the Opah taste like? Take a look at my video review of that and the freshly baked Brioche slathered with Honey-Whipped Cream.

I LOVE Whole Foods Market!

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