Horse and Hound Inn

I recently had the tasty pleasure of stopping by the Horse & Hound Inn in South Salem New York.

First of all, the place is a real piece of American history.

The origin of the Horse & Hound Inn long pre-dates the American Revolutionary War. While 1749 provides the earliest known record of the house as an inn, it was built as a homestead prior to this date,   and has served as a mason schoolhouse, a gin and rum mill, and also a state coach stop on the Old Post Road from New York City to Danbury. The current owners Susan and Silvano Vales have done a great job at maintaining the Inn’s natural beauty.

But how about the food? Does it live up the building’s great pedigree?

I started my review with the Baked Brie wrapped in philo dough with crackers and sliced apples.



Then I moved on the Firecracker Shrimp, spicy cream cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped, and fried served with an spicy dipping sauce.


The last appetizer I sampled was theTruffle Agnolotti with little pockets of pasta from Italy stuffed with a cheese and wild mushrooms, cognac cream and a drizzle of truffle oil. The fried sage was actually soooooo tasty!



Then it was time to get down to serious foodie business with the entrees.

First up was Duck Breast, pan roasted with a veal Demi glaze and Grand Marnier and orange juice sauce and served with asparagus and mashed potatoes.


The second appetizer I dived into was the Maryland crab cakes with lump and claw meat – pan fried till crisp on the outside. Served with an Old Bay Seasoning, aoli and rice seasoned with adobo and saizon.


I ended things with Horse & Hound’s signature dish. The Chicken Silvano -Panko encrusted chicken breast with a pimento cream sauce, roasted red peppers, shallots, served over mashed creamy potatoes.


If you are looking for a really great meal in a really cool and authentic Old American atmosphere with all the right modern touches, The Horse & Hound Inn in South Salem New York is the place for you.

Thank you so much to Susan, Silvano and the whole gang for making me feel so welcomed.

I can’t wait to see you guys again in the near future.


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