Bailey’s Backyard

Wow! what a tasty trip to Ridgefield Connecticut. Home of, among other great things, Bailey’s Backyard an American farm-to-table restaurant.

The place has a really warm and cozy atmosphere and the entire is just terrific.

Oh, and Bailey’s has an Awesome chef by the name of  Zach Campion.

So let’s get to the food. I kicked things off with the crab bisque with crispy polenta, and diced tomato. Thanks Kyle for explaining the menu so well!!

Crab Bisque


Up next were these amazing Brussels with smoked paprika and a cooling sauce!



The third and final appetizer of the evening was George’s Bank Scallops, Pan seared scallops with crispy risotto, crispy pancetta, capers, roasted mushrooms, on a lemon beurre blanc sauce.



Then it was time for the entrees and Chef Zach did not disappoint. He rolled out a rainbow trout, with fava & white beans, toasted almonds, wilted watercress, and brown butter!

Rainbow Trout


The fish was followed up by a dish of Lamb with buttermilk roasted cauliflower purée, blistered tomatoes, tempura eggplant, and chimichurri.


Chef Zach really outdid himself with the final entree, a 72 hour sous vide Korean short ribs, roasted white grapes, green almonds, braised collards, sun-dried tomato couscous, and a blue cheese foam.

Short Ribs


A truly great meal was topped off by great dessert. I admit that I was a little worried about trying the Seared Vegan carrot cake with caramelized pineapple compote, carrot crumble, and a coconut sorbet but well…check out the video.

Seared Vegan Carrot Cake

The trip to Bailey’s Backyard was truly a fine dining experience for this kid foodie!

I highly recommend that you stop by if you’re in Ridgefield. You won’t be disappointed.

Many thanks to Mr. Salvatore for inviting me, Kyle for taking such great care of us, and of course a huge thank you to Chef Zach Campion for such a fantastic array of beautifully cooked food.


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