8 To The Bar Dark Chocolate Concerto

At whole Foods Market  in Danbury I discovered a new treat that is not only delicious but healthy too!

8 To The Bar makes wholesome, gluten-free treats from all-natural, organic ingredients.

Their newest creation is the Dark Chocolate Concerto!

How did I like it? Take a look.


To find more great snacks from 8 To The Bar check, out their website


Special Thanks to Whole Foods Danbury Ct.

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Taste of The Runway NYC

I had the great honor of being invited to cover Taste of The Runway New York.  (Don’t miss the videos down below by the way.)

I even got my own press pass, how cool!

Sadie Rae & Press Pass

And my Best friend CC came with me.

Sadie Rae & CC

The event was hosted by Hosted by America’s Next Top Model Alum, the absolutely gorgeous Bianca Golden.

Sadie Rae & Bianca


Sadie Rae & The Models

Sadie Rae & The Models










An unexpected bonus! I met the stunning, Mica Hughs, Exec Producer Blood Sweat and Heels.

Sadie Rae and Mica Hughs, Exec Producer Blood Sweat and Heels

Sadie Rae and Mica Hughs, Exec Producer Blood Sweat and Heels











This Foodie Fashionista took her own walk down the runway.


I did more than just walk at ‪#‎TasteOfTheRunway‬, I also tasted some great Food!

Chef Elliott introduced me to an incredicble ceviche. Also, Natacha Supplice of iCanCook2  had some great hors d’oevres.

Sadie Rae & Chef Elliott

Sadie Rae & Chef Elliott


Icancook2 founder Natacha Supplice

Icancook2 founder Natacha Supplice










There was too much deliciousness to list it all but here is my review of Celebrity Chef Barret Beyer’s Chicken Confit Pot Pie!

Sadie Rae & Chef Barret

Sadie Rae & Chef Barret











I did a little dancing with hilarious Comedian Rodney Perry.


Here is a link to all of the great vendors and models who participated in the event. Please support them.

Thank you so much to everyone at Taste of The Runway I was so very honored to have the opportunity to be a small part of this great event and I can’t wait to do it again.


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Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt Carmel Apple Pie Flavor

Dannon Carmel Apple pie

I’ve decided to embrace Fall in all of it’s flavors. Here is my review  of Dannon Light & Fit  Carmel Apple Pie Greek Yogurt.

Take a look and see if it lives up to the delicious sounding name.

Follow me on all social media @KidsRFoodie2

If you’d like me to review your restaurant, food, or product, let me know. KidsRFoodies2@gmail.com

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KidsRFoodies2, Applebee’s, & #Foodiechats Great Together

Sadie Rae & Mr. #FoodieChats

Sadie Rae & Mr. #FoodieChats

Don’t miss the video food review below!!


I had a chance to do two of my favorite things at the same time. Eating and Tweeting!

Every Monday night from 8:00pm Eastern till 9:30pm, the coolest part of the Twitterverse is #FoodieChats. Foodies from all over, eat and tweet about great foods and food products.

Recently Applebee’s hosted a live #foodiechats event in eleven cities and guess who got invited to attend the event at Applebee’s Times Square location? That right, KidsRFoodies2 was in the house at the world’s largest Applebee’s restaurant. It was the #Foodiechats Applebee’s #AllInBurger Monday Night Football extravaganza!

On my way to the restaurant I ran into three heroes in Grand Central Station.

Sadie Rae with some New York State Police Heroes

Sadie Rae with some New York State Police Heroes

Order your KidsRFoodies2 Tee-Shirt Today! KidsRFoodies2@gmail.com

Order your KidsRFoodies2 Tee-Shirt Today! KidsRFoodies2@gmail.com











And of course I had to take a pic in front of restaurant, Butter. One of my foodie role models, Alex Guarnaschelli is the executive chef. I SOOOOOO would love to meet her and taste her food!

My next #RestaurantReview

My next #RestaurantReview?

Once I got to Applebee’s it was so great meeting Steve Green, the founder of #Foodiechats and Angela, #Foodiechats VP.

Then the burgers began rolling out and it was time for the foodie to get to work.


Steve Green, Angela, & Sadie Rae

Steve Green, Angela, & Sadie Rae

Can you say #AllInBurger?

Can you say #AllInBurger?






#AllInBurger @ApplebeesNY


And Tweeting

And Tweeting
















Here is my video review of Applebee’s Triple Bacon Burger. See if you can spot the celebrity Tweeting in the background.

Thank you so very much to #FoodieChats and Applebee’s for giving this #FoodieFashionista a night of fun and food that I’ll never forget.





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Time for the Taster to Start Cooking!

Sadie Rae & Kitchen IQ

This is SOOO COOL!

After a recent session  of my very favorite online foodie discussion group, #Foodiechats, my new friends at Coaction Public relations sent a box of products from their clients for me to try.

Thank you so much Kitchen IQ, PackIt, and Silpat.

Normally I’m much more interested in tasting delicious food than actually making it but you have inspired me.

I’m going to tie on my apron, head into the kitchen, and put your cool gadgets to good use.

Now if I only had some good and easy recipes to try.

Anyone have any good suggestions?

Leave them in the comments.


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Johanna’s Restaurant New Milford, CT


Johanna’s is a local favorite in New Milford. Its located right on the green at 47 Main Street.

The owners are a really cool husband and wife team, Angel and Sonia. They are serving up something really special in New Milford and they made me feel right at home.

Scotch Eggs, is a favorite item on the menu for a lot of New Milford locals.

2 hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage, with a mushroom hollandaise sauce on toast.

Johanna's Scotch Eggs

Johanna’s Scotch Eggs 

Johanna's Scotch Eggs 2

Johanna’s Scotch Eggs 2

Another local favorite is the Green BLT. Homemade guacamole, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toast and served with your  choice of, french fries, onion rings, or fruit. I chose a big handful of homemade onion rings. YUM!

Johanna's Green BLT

Johanna’s Green BLT

Johanna’s has a different croissant special every day. When I stopped in the special was curried chicken salad with avocado, lettuce, and tomato on a fresh croissant with a side of assorted fruit.

Johanna's Curried Chicken Croissant

Johanna’s Curried Chicken Croissant

Johanna's Curried Chicken Croissant 2

Johanna’s Curried Chicken Croissant 2

And here is the Johanna’s Restaurant episode of KidsRFoodies2

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Butter and Bliss Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies

Butter and Bliss

My #Foodiechats friends at Butter and Bliss homemade baked goods, sent me a surprise package of sweet treats to review.

I couldn’t open the box fast enough. Lots of video reviews on the way and here is the first one.

First I tried the Brownie chocolate Chip.Take a look.

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